Krzysztof Wytyk


or, if you prefere, verbal image reflection (more verbal, because I don’t take myself like an artist, if already than maybe more like a craftsman}.

  • If you can observe – what you have in front of your eyes should tell you a lot. This photo becoms from five years ago, the current appearance meant that I had the impression that the screen has been trashed – old man. Especially I warn all owners of small appliances as much as portable. Such guy has just runs the car – gived the look, and I have it on my conscience. Well, I did not want to frighten the children too. Sometimes such sweet innocent small baby astray in the network and trauma ready for all life (Oh God, I’m so sensitive and romantic). Incredibly empathetic I decided to spare him that. For the curious (at your own risk).
  • And I love (emotional part) black color, hence the impression of gravestone effect. So if someone surfed here by chance and it caused his to grow depressed moods – sorry.
  • I do not know what I mean with these birds? If self-reflection succeed – I will let you know. Mayby explanation is simple – just crazy or freak. Who knows. I have a problem with this – owning wings excludes having hands – except for angels – go figure it. If I find a solution, you will be the first to get it. For now let them fly – happy bird day.
  • And long times (last century) ago  – far from here – it used to be even so – and I was there… such fairy tale…

I wonder what I’m doing for with it. Summary, nostalgia, autumn of life (I said not very original) – only God knows to know, and the nature of Him is to be the word of the words. So silence becoms wich is a sister of closeness. But because I believe that since the general elimination of illiteracy, every second idiot seems to have something to say, or, heaven forbid – to write. So, if a mass audience (I do not mean personal dimensions) thinks that this is the case – please tell it to the insensate author who will perform the self-destruction immediately.

about what?…

I create – it’s a big word, even megalomania. In some sense, we all are creators, unless it is simply the multiplication of beings. I will not personally grade myself – especially myself. I don’t want to sound to pathetic, but man have to deserve for such description… – nemo iudex in causa sua. This paragraph only emerge from the obligation to explain what the hell for writer pushes on the poster, especially when the wall is weak.

  • null



The very fact of the need to write is already asking or even screaming about a diagnosis, or even a suspicion of exhibitistically – narcissistic tendencies, which I hope have not the case. So I ask every anonymous, and consequently – brave critics of everything, to surf next. And I sincerely invite all of those who want to exchange views (not necessarily coherent with the author’s) to discuss.

Sometimes I will throw something in – knowing myself – in an irregular way, in the form of thought ferment. You can, and even have to comment. Censorship will only concern ordinary rudeness.

Why here? Although I am present on many social networks, but with an emphasis on – ‘present’. Wanting to publish bigger (by volume) and more serious (although I do not avoid the irony) content, I didn’t want to get lost in the midst of the someone dinners that he had eaten and haven’t had forget to inform the entire world about this exciting chance (to rise up of the next generations of course) and other equally important events. And above all, I do not intend to discredit anyone, although the above sentence may suggest something like this. It is rather the desire to avoid empty words, but of course I realize that I also can get it in to the neck. Be my guest, but be constructive.

Of course – the sole fact of necessity to write, it’s a diagnosis in itself that probably will trigger home-grown psychologists to cure me. I will not avoid this and let it be. On the other hand, if you go up, not necessarily ‘home-grown’, I’ll gladly listen.

Comments, or rather loud thinking, to the surrounding reality of here, now and imagined. Maybe even seasoned with fantasy – we’ll see. This page shall wants to be a part of the network. Type of diary with irregular entries.
And yet this term – curvus in the head of page, it is not provocation and, for God heven, description of my traits (i hope) – it’s only the Latin equivalent of the word ‘crooked ‘ (the first two syllables of the name and surname – in polish crooked means krzywy) – such an alias or a nickname.

Silentium maneat!