Quo Vadis ...

… not very original. In this rule should be: born, frequented, achieved, and counting … like that let me skip.

I think that anyone who’s lost his way here, will to know who has to do with, but not what kind of  the statistics he show up. I have seen too many habilitated idiots and brilliant illiterate to make the form important. And besides, the average idiot does not know who he is. If, therefore I am – I do not know. Using such harsh terms do not mean intellectual values of the observed object, but a lack of humility and dogmatized thought.

A little exhibitionism.

And in order to avoid – vain hopes – assumptions like: have you heard that …, or in the version of the young generation – what the mess. At the same time, I reserve the right not to keep up with the current situation, and may at present they have applied another phrase.

Ok – December 14, 1962. What makes me old like brown coal. It’s not coincidence, but information for potential interlocutors (especially young people). Male – I had no choice, but I’m not complaining. Using my childlike naivety I was taken to kindergarten, where I was indoctrinated with blocks and other pleasures. I will not say – it’s not even silly – from those days until now I know how to put blocks together. This is not the end of the persecution – I was taken to school. Somehow we survived – me and school.

Reflection comes here.

There is no bad education at all. There are only bad teachers. I do not complain about it. The sarcasm above is only an emanation of resistance, when we thinks our freedom is violated, and so we accept responsibility.

End of reflection – I continue to pee.

Education, occupation and what we do are not always consistent. One of them is to make web pages, computer graphics and programming elements. Is this art? Not at all. And besides, it’s a matter of aesthetics, often not so much the author as the ordering person. The second is the mentioned teaching. The other two I will keep in silence. Who I am as a teacher? Ask my students. I do not know if I’m doing it correctly, but I have the ambition to accompany them in they way of independent thinking. It is about making the right choices of life – your own. So with the other human being you more wander than … (understatement to avoid pitiful speech).

The quo vadis question goes through the vade mecum. And so I educate myself. Well, and the teacher came out of me. Such as item does not refrain from philosophizing. According to some law there is protection of something there. I am in a silent about the people associated, with a dignity. Unless … I have a cat – it’s she (white – black), and she is everywhere, what to do. And it is not far from the Schrödinger’s cat, so just in case, I do not open the box.

Do I regret something? If you have read this, ask yourself. I guess there is no person who would not say that something could be done differently, for example  – to write smarter text about yourself.

I’m going to live on.