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Christmas Eve for those in need

Christmas Eve for those in need

And I’m converting the test to the first post. I engage in Christmas Eve every year. And now the following question for whom? The site to which the link leads you can read, that it’s for the poor people. Politically safe term – political correctness. But, is it for sure and what does it mean? On the one hand, somebody needs, but on the other hand, don’t we do it for ourselves only? I mean disinterested help. Does such exist at all? Perhaps we have the mentality of a Krakow townspeople (with all the kudos to Krakow people) – “you can take it – good man, but do not stain a rug”. That’s what I’m afraid of. how much is the willingness to help and empathy, and how much disgust to poverty and exclusion. Who helps here to whom? Go figure it, but there’s not any other way. All right, it’s all fu…g off (sorry for my rudeness even with points), you can smash help that is not acceptance, even if you have gratitude on the other side.

Am I exaggerating? Maybe, but move your activity inside of you and will understand. Do not analyze others, and do not help to anyone – I forbid! Give yourself up simply. You can’t change the world.  All you can do is to be a part of…  Otherwise, you become a consumer of good, but not an emanation.

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