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I am taking my voice, though I do not know from whom yet. Declared cynicism in the pocket, because the case seems very serious. I imagine the alleged referendum question: are you in favor of accepting refugees? Exactly – a mistake in thinking. This is a fact. Not only that, it has always been like that. They are here right now, as far as we all are not in a some sense immigrants at all. So the question becomes – what to do with spilled milk? Flipping statistics does not make much sense, just like showing off negative examples.

At this point I should try to analyze the causes of migration, but it is also very obvious. Let’s look at each other. Let’s look at each other. We like to think of ourselves as the goal of emigration, diligently eliminating the thought that we could be the cause. Human being has always been moving in the direction of security and alleged prosperity for centuries. Movements within the European Union bear similar hallmarks. If you take a look at our compatriots (Poles), eg. In the UK. It is worth asking yourself what I can do to eliminate differences.

And I finish on this, not to enter into a string of more or less aggressive (these do not shall always have to be shown – just enough them the sense of their superiority) comments from the opponents. I mean pigeonholing in style; leftists versus nationalists. Aggression from the guests can roughly be divided into two categories:

  • Help me! they are beating.
  • And let them beat each other.

While the first casus can arouse pity and understanding, and certainly the need to seek solutions in ourselves, the response to the second case testifies to our indolence, because we become puppets in someone’s hands – C4 from protein.

I will say how and where I am refugee personally.

Yes, I am a refugee. I’m leaving or escaping or hiding, though it doesn’t go for sure away. Start with yourself to avoid an anthropocentric error. Although it is basically impossible. We are born in a some kind of mirror sphere. If you can make it partially transparent wiping places, you begin to see what is beyond it. If anyone can stand accurately at this point – is visible. Otherwise, you only see a mirror – yourself. How should I named a perfect man? They are in a glass ball, but in the sense they see and are seen. The alternative is to hide yourself within your own fears and visions of reality. And it is forbidden to frighten the frightened or to humiliate them. Aggression is usually the result of fear. An inadequate behavior of guy is biologically identical to the aggressive response of the responding host. And which way are you refugee? Even internally without moving your ass.

Damnant quod non intelligunt. They condemn what they don’t understand. I will use the ancients again. Otherness, which I do not understand, fills me with fear. Although also with an element of curiosity. The less I feel confident, the more I attack like a wounded animal.

And what surprises me?

The use of religious themes. Nothing could be further from the truth. Religious interpretation is only an emanation of ourselves. It is enough to look at the consent for repression, torture and discrimination in the centuries gone by in Europe. After all, it was the same religion. At that time, there were also beautiful figures, but also controversial ones, such as Torquemada and his ilk. I give this example because the taste is added by the fact that we are dealing with a Jewish convert who persecutes Jews. In connection with the above, naming religion guilty of anything is a misunderstanding – of any religion. By defining aggression, a few paragraphs up, we can say that the slogans that accompany to it are completely accidental. And the argument about the necessity of defending our own culture is simply stupid. Mentioned Jews despite continuous repression continue to exist, because the strength of culture and values is within us, not outside. They ware disappeared entire countries and peoples. After the Romans it left only what was a value. We forgetfully about Prussia, whose land we occupied and displaced them. They were Germanised and Polonized. They still live among us, often without knowing anything about their origins. Are we threatened with Islamization? And at that moment I wanted to erase the previous sentence – I flew scheme – threatens. Let it be. The answer is: it depends only on the strength of our values, not on the number of possible arrivals. The more so because there is no wall that cannot be crossed. Therefore it seems more rational to approve the state of things than to escape like a horse that run away from a bridle. Following this path, I do not discredit those who are afraid, as long as it stimulates them to act positive and not to separation and aggressively. And on the other hand, such type-like reactions: freaks –  there is nothing to be afraid. I also treat them as irresponsible. And I stood astride. The attitude of the so-called Western, isolation and exaltation, led to the current situation. I will compare this to the posture of some abolitionists – it is not allowed to beat Black People, he is also a man, but Black. I am not afraid of simpletons, I am afraid of gentlemen. Ladies first, Madame will you let me help, Darling let me I’ll do it … And in the back of my head somewhere inside – because you’re weaker and stupid. And I do not mix threads fluently going in to feminist topics. I simply pay attention to the similarity of thinking. A simpleton beating a woman like a gentleman in the sense above, it’s the same, only the emanation outside is a bit different. Therefore, if you are beating the Arab or help them, well unfortunately it is the obverse and reverse of the same medal until you understand that the problem is in you. The other does not mean worse or better ipso facto. It’s just different. One day a European came to the continent calling him America. By doing away with the indigenous people. Once upon a time the Russians occupied not their areas. Double standards? Please, ask yourself, how would the Americans react at present to the desire of mass Indian secession and which side will be taken by you (I assume they would not be happy), and now tell me, do you call the Russians an invader and an aggressor? After all, this is the analogous situation. Currently, there is no Cochise and Geronimo, what’s more American success is not conducive to separatist movements. All revolutions arise from a sense of privation. Of course, I am not trying to excuse anyone and anything. It’s about balance.

And finally it must resound. I feel disgusted by the refusal to help the needy (refusal, not refusing). No matter how danger it or whom I am helping – it is necessary. Posłużę się przypowieścią o Samarytaninie. I will use the parable of the Samaritan. Few of us know that it is a pariah for an ancient Jew. I will compare using a stereotype (let me be forgiven) – Gypsy found the money and returned it. If, God forbid, you think so, then you should know what for the “pious” Jew mean of the Good Samaritan. The latter does not ask to whom he is helping in. Do not know why we assume that he is a good man because he got beat. Or was he a villain? And this is mercy: I do not like you, I am afraid of you, you do not deserve, but … I will hold you in my arms. If you didn’t understood it, you lost time reading the above scribble, but I hug you.

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